Showmgr Scheduler truly understands media production workflow and experiences that production schedulers encounter on a daily basis.

  • Mindful Tools like “Power-Swap” assist busy schedulers with the power to identify all assignments associated with a particular resource in a given time frame and “swap ” them with alternative, available, skilled resources quickly and easily.
  • ShowMgr lives in the cloud, so you have secure access to Scheduler from anywhere on any device from your conference room, office, favorite coffee shop, on location or even from your kitchen table! 
  • Scheduler automagically gathers resource availability by accessing its interconnected repositories as well as external integrated systems eliminating the need to keep separate logs and chase resources.
  • Crew has limited visibility to Scheduler through their own secure portal or web app. They can sign on and view their important assignment information, itinerary, and forms, once their assignments are released, using password credentials from their favorite social applications like Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail.
  • ShowMgr tools are interconnected, when you make changes to your schedule it simultaneously updates your budget worksheet providing instantaneous visibility to financial changes, driving automated communications and support business controls. This interconnectivity eliminates the need for time consuming manual notifications, double entry and wasted manpower.