Flexible Workflows

Flexible Workflows

ShowMgr.com is a configurable Enterprise Resource Planning software platform that allows you to manage clients, work, resources and business processes with ease and confidence.

By taking the time to understand your processes, and the way that you work, we can configure your Showmgr.com instance to reflect your unique workflow. For those who are open to learning from our 12 years of global production experience we offer pragmatic and cost-effective software process improvement advice, to streamline your existing workflow.

Projects mapped to your business processes

ShowMgr’s unique role-based workflow engine can manage any kind of process from the most simple to the most complex. This can include parallel revision and approval, conditional transition of information and the automatic creation of data and documents. In addition, Showmgr can incorporate the desired flow cycles, gates and typical phase reviews and approvals that meet your organizational requirements.

Workflow Engine Highlights and Benefits

  • Approval Cycle
  • Roles based workflow engine
  • Automatic distribution of information
  • Email and to-do notifications
  • Business rules engine
  • Document creation
  • Phase Review Support
  • Pre-configured workflows

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