Crew That’s Connected

Crew That’s Connected

Our Crew Portal is a scaled down interface customized specifically for your crew within ShowMgr. Your crew will have access to all of their valuable information and tools available to them from any Internet connected device. Imagine being able to alert your crew to delays before they show up to the job site. No more paying for downtime. Alert them to any and all last minute changes. Let them keep you up to date on all of their information: availability, skill updates, rate changes, forms management all in one place living in your ShowMgr instance.

Additionally, the Crew Portal gives site access to crewmembers to review their call sheets for up to the minute information about their next job. They can update and digitally sign hiring forms and store them on the database, view their pay rates and review Time and Attendance information to update and check for accuracy allowing for a more efficient flow of payroll and accounting functions.



Connecting crew with valuable information and tools to keep them productive and engaged

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