August 2nd, 2015 by ShowMgr

Sometimes, the move to cloud application software seems more trouble than it’s worth. In the long-run, however, ERP film budgeting and scheduling software actually saves media companies time and money. ERP cloud solutions can make all components of film management and budgeting more streamlined, which essentially saves time on large and small projects.

Workflows Designed for Your Business

Not all workflows are the same. Software for TV must be able to bend and mold to specific media defined workflows. ShowMgr’s ERP software is designed by people who have been in the industry for over year years. For this reason, ShowMgr’s workflows are specific for time and scheduling in the film, media and video industry.

ShowMgr lets film managers set up role-based workflows, so it’s flexible to the project and the crew’s responsibilities. The workflow life cycles offer better organization and benefits specific to the film industry.

Instant Information

The cloud offers film managers the ability to get information instantly. No more waiting for data, analysis or reports, which can create a budgeting and scheduling issue. Instead, ERP software gives these film managers access to information from a few clicks of the mouse. And since ERP media management software is available directly on the Internet, it’s instant access to important alerts and notifications.

What used to take days to create, ShowMgr also offers reports for quick analysis and accurate projections. The reporting tool gives managers the ability to make critical decisions more quickly, and the benefit is no human errors from incorrect calculations. The media scheduling software even lets managers make pre-emptive decisions and receive alerts related to film budgeting and scheduling via IM, texts, and email.

Saving Costs on Strict Budgets

The success of any film and media project is based on accurate timing and budgeting. With the right media scheduling software, management can handle film crews and review call sheets minute by minute. They can schedule staff and crews, and ensure that each team has the right budget and payroll. They can view pay rates and attendance to ensure that the work scheduled is carried out each day.

In addition to desktop versions, ShowMgr also lets managers review these data points from a mobile device. Overseeing all components greatly reduces the chance that costly oversights occur and mismanagement increases budgets and missed deadlines.

Accurate Accounting

ShowMgr’s media management software integrates with several well known accounting applications, so any TV production software works directly with accounts receivable and payables. ShowMgr’s ERP software for entertainment works with Intuit, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics, Great Plains and SAP. It also works with payroll software such as Cast and Crew, Entertainment Partners, and ADP. With precise accounting integration, film crews and management has better data and analysis based on the right budgeting and time scheduling.

The move to the cloud is huge for existing media companies, but the move is a huge benefit for film budgeting and scheduling.

August 2nd, 2015 by ShowMgr

The film and media industry need fast software and hosting services that store clips, videos, and demos without any interruption. The solution is to find the right media resource management software the handles these resources as well as helps film crews manage workflows, budgeting and scheduling.

Collaboration Using Cloud Tools

ERP software is an all in one solution for film projects. Software for television production should be collaborative, which means it’s more than just one person driving all software configurations. Instead, the software lets several managers, key stakeholders and crew members collaborate together whether it’s remotely or within the same office. ShowMgr’s ERP software tools offer a way for each film and media create interact regardless of geographic location.

Workflows with Film Team Focus

ShowMgr was designed by a team of thought leaders who were a part of the film and media industry for over 12 years. It’s designed specifically for the video and media industry to allow them to quickly manage scheduling, budgeting and crew management. This is the type of cloud application that helps make projects successful.

What distinguishes ShowMgr from other video production software is that its workflows are all inclusive – meaning business managers can work with clients, work, resources, processes and any other type of workflow from simple to complex. This ERP video asset management software provides collaboration with a team focus across the gold.

Quick Document Production and Sharing

Every project needs extensive documentation that then needs to be shared with other project managers, film crews and staff. Instead of copying dozens of hardcopies, ShowMgr gives managers the ability to create documents on the fly and quickly share them in the cloud. This results in instantaneous alerts, notifications and speeds up the approval process.

Instead of waiting for approval and sending notifications, ShowMgr lets customers create documents that also include a business rule engine specific to the film and media industry. These resources and asset management benefits speed up the approval cycle, email and to do notifications, phase review support and document creation.

Asset Management and Resource Collaboration

The cloud offers every business the opportunity to upload files and share them with staff and third parties. But film and media production companies need something a little more streamlined and more space availability.

ShowMgr leverages two cloud resources from reputable companies. They implement Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for asset resource collaboration. Using this technology, the business will never have downtime, and all maintenance and configurations are handled by leading providers in the cloud industry.

Asset Reporting and Projections

It’s not enough to have software that lets managers upload software. The film industry is dynamic and needs the right algorithms that understand how it runs. ShowMgr has several real-time report functionality and instant access to financial data and cost reporting tools. The result is quicker response to any budgeting and scheduling concerns that could turn a successful project into a costly headache.

Check out ShowMgr and what it can do for you to help manage media and film assets.

July 28th, 2015 by ShowMgr

Software for TV production needs to be more than just average cloud applications for management. Film and media crews need customized applications that target their specific needs and process flows. Whether it’s film workflows, crew management, reporting or asset review, the right ERP TV production software helps the film industry manage successful projects with the right budgeting and scheduling.

Connect Your Crew

Film and video requires several crews that are sometimes located across the globe. Cloud applications such as ShowMgr’s ERP software help the film industry bring crews together. Collaboration between production crews greatly improves communication and scheduling. The ShowMgr portal gives additional resource management and collaboration that can’t be found in other software.

We understand the film industry, so we know the importance of collaboration using one tool. It’s also more cost effective to choose one ERP application instead of trying to integrate several applications for one project. ShowMgr includes hiring forms, digital signing for contracts and offers, account and payroll services and crew scheduling overviews.

Reporting for Accuracy

The film industry is extremely dynamic and needs software that is as fluid as the industry. Real time profiling, budgeting, scheduling and accounting are all necessary for a successful film crew and project management flow. ShowMgr ERP software for film production does just this and more. Reports are real-time, so production managers, staff and crew can view data that’s relevant and current.

ShowMgr also has hot cost reporting tools, which lets managers have access to critical financial data. These reports help managers make quick, accurate decisions based on our data. Managers can even make pre-emptive decisions to avoid costly mistakes and scheduling errors.

Complete Cloud Solutions

Downloading and installing software to a desktop is not as efficient as cloud applications. With ShowMgr, the technology including bug fixes and maintenance are supported by our team. We utilize Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure to offer a 100% uptime average. We also support our application 24/7, so you never need to worry about hard drive crashes, file corruption or sharing reports through email. As long as you have access to the Internet, you have total control of scheduling and monitoring.

We also offer client hosting options, so companies that want more control over their software environment can take on some of the responsibility while still running our television production software.

Full Integration with Popular Applications

Most film crews have existing applications they want to use. ShowMgr includes integration capabilities with several popular applications. For instance, we integrate well with payroll software such as Cast and Crew, ADP and Entertainment Partners. We integrate with catering software such as Seemless Web. We work with CRM solutions such as Salesforce and MS Dynamics. We also support financial applications such as Intuit, SAGE, SAP, Great Plains and Microsoft Dynamics. All of these integrations make it easier for film production companies to work with ShowMgr’s ERP application.

Finding the right software for TV production doesn’t need to be difficult. ShowMgr handles any solution needed for project development.

July 27th, 2015 by ShowMgr

While standard paper, pen and filing cabinets were once the way to budget film production, the introduction of TV management software in the cloud have tremendously saved time, resources, and money. ERP software can help production companies cut costs by having valuable data analysis, better management, and real-time information. What was once a cluttered bunch of manual files and paperwork is now available with better organization in the cloud.

Flexible Workflows

Good workflows are the foundation for job success. They also streamline the project and keep track of several components. ShowMgr’s ERP film scheduling software offers flexible workflows based on how you run your business. It’s not just ERP software – it’s software for media that’s designed specifically for the film industry. As a matter of fact, ShowMgr was designed by people with over 12 years of global experience.

Real-Time Information

Instant access to real-time information is one of the top benefits for film production companies. Knowing exactly when issues occur save money on expensive mistakes that carry on for days. ERP software for film can save days of costly mistakes and helps key stakeholders make pinpoint, accurate decisions based on our data analysis and projects. And, you don’t need to wait to see this information – it’s available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Manage and Connect Crews

The film industry has crews that span over several geographic locations. The right ERP software for entertainment will help connect these crews. Film production managers can schedule and budget crews directly from one location. Instead of costly downtime, the film manager can get alerts to any changes, view availability, skill updates, rate changes and even schedule payroll payments. Keeping crews together with precise scheduling greatly reduces cost in payroll and missed deadlines.

Software in the Cloud

Media resource management software for film and television must be reliable and efficient. To avoid costly time restraints and missed deadlines, ShowMgr is completely available in the cloud and through well known cloud infrastructure services. What also keeps costs down is that it’s maintained remotely through a third-party. Your film studio doesn’t need to fix bugs, manage servers or host the ERP application. It’s all done for you in the cloud on our own infrastructure. We use Amazon Web services and Windows Azure for our platforms, which means the film company has complete 100% uptime even during maintenance.

Total Package

ShowMgr is the total package, so film production companies don’t need to buy several different solutions and try to implement and integrate them together. Quote, schedule, order and invoice are all available through our software for film. We take the headache out of costly technology and software solutions that sometimes cost more than the actual savings.

For film studios and video production teams, ERP video management software is beneficial for cost savings. The data analysis and projects give managers the ability to see costly mistakes before they happen, instantly. With just a point and click of the mouse, budgets can be reduced.

July 21st, 2015 by ShowMgr

With the push towards cloud management and storage, media and film production companies must evolve to create a more dynamic, resilient platform that caters to the industry’s specific requirements. ShowMgr’s ERP software does just that – it gives video and film production companies software for media with solutions specific to the industry. ShowMgr gives customers the ability to manage numerous workflows, crews, billing and budgeting requirements and project management.

Our video management software can handle projects from simple to complex. Our ERP software also lets customers manage the beginning, intermediate and final stages of their film production.

The bidding process in the film industry involves numerous back-and-forth conversations with clients, investors and management. Our software lets you establish rate cards, build standard templates for your organization, and create pipeline reporting instances.

ShowMgr acts as a financial compass helping businesses with real-time analysis of foreseen and unforeseen expenses. Our logic control workflows take you step-by-step through the budgeting and cost analysis procedures. Our film budgeting software integrates with rate cards to provide time-sensitive, real-time changes to costs, profit margins and forecasting.

Deadlines are always an issue for film production crews. Our scheduling tool reduces the possibility of expensive missed target dates. With just a few clicks, customers can manage assets, facilities and crew members. The integrated crew management software and HR-related features lets managers oversee all aspects of payroll, PTO, shifts, planning patterns and work logs. ShowMgr lets film production companies work smart, not hard.

Crew management isn’t the only thing we give you control over. ShowMgr also helps with billing and invoices to manage assets across the entire project. Video and filming companies can create invoice templates, review chargebacks, set up milestone billing, allocate funds and audit each transaction. The media resource management software even integrates with popular third-party accounting software such as Quickbooks. You can also customize the accounting process using external APIs.

Finally, one of the most important features is our crew management system. Film production companies can view and manage crews across multiple locations. Because ShowMgr’s ERP software is in the cloud, it doesn’t matter where the crew or the organization manager is located. They can add and view information as long as the manager has Internet access. The television production software also lets companies keep track of deal memos, management pay, certification details, availability, e-signatures and union associations. The e-signature process is probably one of the most value-added resources. Instead of waiting days for contracts to be signed, sent, and mailed through any service, companies can have a contract sent and executed within hours. It’s this type of cloud resource that helps improve film production and television budgeting – the time saved can save you thousands of man hours and waiting.

ShowMgr’s ERP film scheduling and budgeting software cuts down on numerous tedious billing, scheduling, and management processes. Since it’s in the cloud, it’s beneficial for any company with multiple office locations. If you’re looking for cloud software that saves money and time, ShowMgr’s ERP application is the right tool for working together for better solutions.

July 20th, 2015 by ShowMgr

Project management is difficult, but project management specific to media and film is even more difficult. With the numerous dynamic assets, crews, budgets and locations, the media industry needs an application that’s as fluid and evolving as they are. ShowMgr’s cloud ERP application offers the video and film industries the perfect solution for ever-changing business requirements.

Budgeting is Always a Concern

Whether it’s payroll, invoices from vendors, resource planning, or asset management, your project needs a budget, and ShowMgr bridges the gap between scheduling and budgeting. We help your team work together – not against each other – when it comes to resource planning and budgeting.

Your video management software must be able to handle the dynamic evolution of your assets and crew. With ShowMgr, we reduce cluttered budgeting items into a scaled down custom interface that gives you all the information and tools needed for a successful project.

Create Flexible Workflows

Successful television production requires flexible workflows. No two days are the same, crew personnel change and business rules must be as fluid as your industry. With ShowMgr, we ensure that each project is customizable to your business. Create templates that work specifically for a project, add to-do lists, set up roles and approval cycles, and pre-configure workflows that make it easy for new personnel to adapt.

Real-Time Information

The Internet has given the world access to real-time information. The film and video industry needs information flow at the same speed as competitors and other industries. With ShowMgr, we give all project stakeholders access to reports and information instantly. Since ShowMgr is completely cloud-based, you have access to information 24/7 from anywhere in the world. View pertinent data and hot costs based on your input. We also let you set up alerts using IM or email, so any changes to budget or finances are instantaneously sent to you.

Software for Film in One Complete Solution

Productivity suffers when each manager is forced to use different software solutions. With ShowMgr, all aspects of film production and budgeting are housed under the same umbrella. This means that all components of project management and productivity are at your fingertips without shuffling through different applications.

Centralizing information makes it convenient and more efficient for your workflow. Our ERP solution is more than a TV management software – it’s a collaboration in the cloud.

Fluid Upgrades and Changes

When you use desktop applications, you’re forced to use email and wait for changes as you download them. With cloud ERP software, changes and bug fixes can happen on-the-fly. Instead of waiting for your changes to be released in a revised upgrade, ERP solutions give businesses the ability to see changes instantaneously.

Finally, ShowMgr is film budgeting software that works with several other technology partners. Integrate our solution with Salesforce or MS Dynamics CRM. Add financing technology such as Intuit, SAP or SAGE. Work with payroll companies such as ADP and Cast & Crew. Travel using Sabre and American Express Travel. We also offer a single-signon solution using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Yahoo and Salesforce.

July 20th, 2015 by ShowMgr

The film and media industry doesn’t have to be stuck with 20th century software technology anymore. ShowMgr offers highly flexible and customizable ERP software for TV production and management in the cloud. Cloud software is the latest technology for industries that have several moving components and dynamic workflows. ShowMgr’s ERP software lets you tie all of these moving parts together for better efficiency, scheduling, billing, and crew management.

Asset Management

Film production requires numerous assets and facility management cycles. With ShowMgr, production managers and stakeholders can get an overview of their asset base and track facilities with one click of the button. They can view each asset throughout the entire lifecycle from purchase to disposal.

These assets are then tracked within the ERP software for budgeting and scheduling. The beauty of ERP software for television is that each component integrates with other parts of the project management life cycle. It tracks metrics, schedules warehouse inventory, checks crews in and out, reviews qualifications, and even offers specialty management reporting.


Crew payroll is a large part of a film’s budget, and ERP software helps the film industry track payments and even forecast total budget for payroll concerns. Calculate the necessary manpower on-the-fly, so you no longer need to go through several pages of payroll processing and budgeting.

With ShowMgr, you can even integrate our crew management software with your current account solution. Our software integrates well with popular accounting applications such as Quickbooks. We also integrate with Salesforce and ADP for a total out-of-the-box solution for payroll and commission management. You can calculate per diem rates, distribute using an approval process, e-sign contracts and documents, and use dynamic reporting to get feedback on your processes.

Crew Management

Your crew plays a pivotal role in project success. For this reason, ShowMgr helps the film industry put crew needs and management at the forefront of scheduling and budgeting. Our software centralizes all aspects of managing a large crew and reducing payroll overhead. ShowMgr ensures that payroll costs are properly applied to a forecasting budget, and it helps staff stay productive and engaged.

With ShowMgr, you can work with shift management, union associations, contact details, alerts and attendance, and history of past payroll payments. We also include scheduling and budgeting for outside vendors, contractors, and provide e-signatures for quick approval of contracts, NDAs, and other legal documents.


Last but not least is the budgeting aspect of ERP. The film industry is dynamic, and your software should be able to manage these changes. ShowMgr has built-in business logic specific to the film industry to help them manage worksheets and templates that form budgeting protocols. The film budgeting software also has reports that track various components of a project including seasons, episodes, location, product and customer.

These are just a few of the benefits that you can leverage with ShowMgr ERP software for film and video production. Our tools are state-of-the-art and provide you with mechanisms that drive success regardless of the type of project.

July 20th, 2015 by ShowMgr

Managing film assets and budgets is no easy task. The film industry has several components that merge together and make a project successful. Without the right real-time tracking, budgeting, bidding, scheduling and asset management, productivity suffers. To avoid these issues, ShowMgr offers software for film and media production that eliminates a lot of the stress and manual bookkeeping used in traditional settings.


First, let’s talk about bidding. Traditionally, the film industry used the old-school paper and pen to keep track of rate cards, create standardized letterhead and presentations, and manually produced reports that helped track budgeting.

With ShowMgr, every one of these processes is hosted in the cloud. With our application, you can streamline and showcase your industry templates with just a few clicks of the mouse. We offer basic CRM capabilities that integrate with common company templates such as BBC, HBO and Fox.


The film industry needs TV production software that changes as conditions change. Budgeting is one of the most important components of a successful project – go over budget and the result can be a nightmare. ShowMgr helps the film industry create budgets that adapt to changes and even notify you when these changes occur.

Our TV budgeting software contains hundreds of formulas and worksheets that identify issues before they happen and let you maneuver business assets as needed according to your industry changes. We also offer forecasting results, so you can stay ahead of the game instead of behind the eight ball. Drill down to details, perform cost allocation for each asset, and work with time sensitive rate cards to identify costs associated with each project.


Work smart, not hard. ShowMgr improves productivity with its cost-efficient scheduling tools. We let you drive your business and take away the unnecessary scheduling hassle. Just click it, set your time, and let us handling the scheduling overhead. We help you schedule crews, location facilities, assets and vendor services with just a few clicks.

We also have a few automation tools that make scheduling faster with more pinpoint accuracy. ShowMgr includes templates, reoccurrence cloning, conflict alerts, the ability to export into your Outlook email and work logs that tie into budgeting and payroll. More integration means faster response and asset management across your entire project.

Facility Management

The film industry is always looking for new locations for production operation. Our media scheduling software also offers crews the ability to find availability and capabilities for warehousing and location rentals. We give production managers access to hierarchy floor plans, utilization analysis location, rentals and chargeback information, and facility assignments.

Put these four benefits together and ShowMgr can streamline your business and reduce budgets. In addition to this functionality, we also let you perform billing and invoicing, asset management, and resource crew management under one cloud application umbrella. You’ll no longer need to work with several applications to make one project successful. Instead, use ShowMgr for all of your film production processes and you’ll see fewer hours wasted on unnecessary overhead.