October 15th, 2015 by ShowMgr

ShowMgr’s Software for Film Makes Budgeting More Efficient

Find the Right TV Production Software for Film Budgeting

The film industry needs more than just generic budgeting software. The film industry has unique requirements that can only be satisfied with TV production software customized specifically for the industry needs. ShowMgr is exactly what the video and film industry need. We have the tools, algorithms, and cloud technology architecture that propels any company into a much more efficient environment.

Resilient Budgeting for a Changing Industry

We put a lot of effort into our budgeting software. We know that conditions change often in the film industry, so we built tools that help you accurately budget costs without errors. Our algorithms help you project budget concerns and guide you through the process saving you hours of scheduling, budgeting and cost projections. ShowMgr has a drilldown feature that lets you view details of each transaction, so you can properly record and track expenses for each project.

Billing and Invoicing Tools

To correctly project budgets, the film and video industry needs billing and invoicing tools that are customized for the industry. We help you maintain strict accuracy when you budget costs and associate accounts receivable and payables.
We offer industry standard templates that make it quick and easy to bill your customers and pay your vendors. We even have chargeback billing capabilities, so you can keep track of debits and credits accurately. We integrate industry-specific business controls and audit trails for detailed tracking.

Pay Your Crew Quickly

Any software for film should take into account the numerous on and offsite crews. That’s why we integrated payroll services in ShowMgr. We know that managing labor, vendors, locations, and employees can be difficult when you have numerous locations to track. We have the right manpower calculations and distribution approval processes in place that help you better manage your payroll. We even have e-signature services to speed up contract execution. Use our dynamic reporting to keep track of these payroll expenses and integrate it into your budgeting projections.

With ShowMgr, you can budget costs, track payroll, and schedule payments directly in the cloud. Use ShowMgr to eliminate unforeseen costs.

October 15th, 2015 by ShowMgr

Media Management Software for Film Production

Video Production Software for Better Crew Management

The video production industry has many requirements to keep track of video assets. Each firm needs its own video asset management software for scheduling, tracking, and billing. ShowMgr offers just the tools you need to set up an efficient cloud-based media management software that works for any firm.

Resource and Crew Management

Crews changes frequently in any project, and without any type of tracking, it can become cumbersome and inefficient. With ShowMgr, you no longer need to work with manual time and management where things slip through the cracks. Instead, we give you the management tools that help you keep track of crews and job shifts. We provide you with alerts, deal memos, management pay, and a long history of reports so that you can identify risks before they become a critical mistake.

Better Ways to Manage Payroll

It’s not enough just to manage crews. You also need a way to set up contracts, bill the appropriate amount, pay payroll fees, and report on budget concerns and employee payments. With ShowMgr film production software, you have the ability to manage all of these assets and more. We can help you calculate the labor and manpower budget to efficiently create a projected cost analysis. We also provide per diem calculations and distribution approval processes.

You no longer need to wait for snail mail times for contract delivery, execution, and returns. With ShowMgr, you can use the e-signature process to have your customers and contractors sign contracts and store them in the ShowMgr cloud system.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Each year, conditions change, so the media industry needs the right video production software that manages these changes. The software must be able to be as fluid as the media industry, and we ensure that ShowMgr gives you all the necessary tools that adapt to changing industry.

We give you built-in templates, versioning, forecasting, and cost allocation. We let you evaluate cost margins, so you know your gross and net revenue without the hassle of costly calculation mistakes. Our algorithms are able to efficiently project the right scheduling and costs associated with any project.

Don’t let your asset management software cost you money. With ShowMgr, you will have any budgeting and management tool you need to make the right decision, keep track of crews, and make payments instantly.

August 30th, 2015 by ShowMgr

Find the Right Software for Video with ShowMgr

Use ShowMgr Software for TV Production and Project Management

Television production software should be as fluid and flexible as the industry itself. Film crews and asset management continues to change as newly defined budgets and projects continue to grow in film and television. ShowMgr’s ERP software for TV production improves estimations, helps monitor budgets and payroll, and let’s film crews schedule and manage assets across the globe.

Get Better Control of Film Crews

Television production often involves film crews across multiple locations. The right software for TV production facilitates scheduling and asset management regardless of location. ShowMgr is a cloud application, so film crews and managers can schedule locations and asset management from anywhere around the world. This reduces the stress of being in one particular location to help manage facilities and scheduling. ShowMgr also has a history and auditing tool, so managers can review budgets and discover where costs exceeded any estimates. This helps reduce the amount of budgeting mistakes in the future.

Review Contact Details from Anywhere Around the World

With so many fluid and changing film crews and personnel during film projects, managers must have a way to find contact details quickly for any part of the project life cycle. ShowMgr’s software for media is an ERP application that runs in the cloud. This means no longer calling someone for contact details, mismanaging cell phone contacts, or misplacing a contact’s details. Instead, all contact and details are managed directly in the cloud where you’ll never misplace them again.

Get Alerts Real-Time

When something goes wrong, you can’t wait days or weeks to find out. With ShowMgr’s film scheduling software, you know immediately when an alert is made. The video production software sends you an alert directly to your smartphone or mobile device. You can also review these alerts directly in the cloud through our interface. No more mistakes from mismanaged alerts and notifications. ShowMgr keeps you up-to-date on all aspects of budgeting, billing, scheduling and asset management.

Job Shift Automation

Film crews need several shift changes throughout the day. With ShowMgr, managers can oversee these changes and manage any missteps real-time. This is just another advantage of having the right software for media. We’ve been in the business for over a decade, so we know what works for the film industry.

With the right television production software, your projects will be much more streamlined and successful. ShowMgr has the right tools, availability, scheduling and management software that makes your project a success.

August 30th, 2015 by ShowMgr

Find the Right Media Scheduling Software

Using ERP Cloud Software for Asset Management

Film projects usually span multiple crews and locations, so managers need the right TV production software that manages all aspects of any project. The film industry needs customized software that works with specific aspects of film production from asset management to billing and budgeting. ShowMgr’s creators have been in the film industry for over a decade, so its software for film is created specifically for film crews and video production projects.

Resource and Crew Management

Film and media have more than one office that remains at the same place consistently. The right media scheduling software gives you an interface for scheduling, management and even payroll resources. ShowMgr has it all under one roof. You no longer need to have a separate scheduling application, separate billing and separate TV budgeting software. Instead, you can work with one cloud application that manages all aspects of the film and TV project life cycle.

ShowMgr has shift management options, alerts and time attendance tracking, a contact repository, and forms and e-signature integration. You need the right form templates, and ShowMgr includes forms that are specific for film and television.

Asset Management

You need a way to track each asset including locations, project tools and resources, and budgeting for personnel. The right cloud software facilitates better management and scheduling of these assets. ShowMgr’s media asset management software lets you manage all aspects of your documents, maintenance, warehouses, inventory and asset check in and check out.

Film managers and crews must also be concerned with asset depreciation and value. Assets used for a specific amount of time lose its resell value, and it should be included when creating the right budget. ShowMgr takes all of these factors into consideration and helps film managers accurately pinpoint asset value.

Tracking Metrics

Cloud tools are beneficial but not as beneficial if you can’t track metrics. ShowMgr includes metric tracking, so you can audit and review any changes in budgeting or scheduling. Film crews can flag any missing availability, late or restocking issues, and any time sensitive changes that could harm project deadlines.

With these few benefits, ShowMgr greatly improves film and video project workflows. We also offer templates and forms for the right process flow. On top of all these benefits, our cloud software is available 24/7 from anywhere around the globe.

August 24th, 2015 by ShowMgr

Get Crew Management Alerts Immediately to You Mobile Device

Reduce Payroll Headaches and Issues using ShowMgr

Film crews span the globe on some projects. The film industry must be able to manage these global assets as well as contractors, personnel, and onsite staff. They must be able to identify budget concerns and pay staff from anywhere even if they aren’t on location. With ShowMgr’s ERP crew management software, crew managers can get all of these benefits and more directly from a desktop or mobile device. Instead of making budgeting and payroll mistakes that increase deadlines and budgets, ShowMgr streamlines the process with even automated payment systems.

Alerts, Time and Attendance

The film industry uses a myriad of contractors, full-time employees, and onsite staff managers. You need to know when budgets and deadlines are missed and when attendance is slipping. You also need to know if you need more crew resources. ShowMgr’s software for video production performs all of these functionalities and more. You can integrate resource asset management with payroll and time attendance. You can pay your employees from anywhere in the world and keep track of current staff contracts and billing invoices. All of these benefits help avoid timely, costly budgeting mistakes based on crew management oversights.

View a History of Crew and Staff

Most film and video projects have a revolving crew that ends with one project and begins with another. With ShowMgr’s media resource management software, you can identify returning crew members and keep track of their payroll concerns. You can assign film crews specific tasks and assignments to ensure that all aspects of the film and television project are covered. You no longer forget to staff a particular part of the project. ShowMgr helps remind you with notifications and the right scheduling interface. You can also automate payment methods and common invoices to pre-approve costs that must be paid immediately without interrupting the project and its deadline.

Keep Track of Contacts

Instead of fumbling through a smartphone, ShowMgr keeps all of your contacts at your fingertips. You can contact anyone without losing information. It’s all stored in the cloud. Our contact manager keeps an unlimited rolodex of all your contacts, details, business connections, and relative information regarding a specific project.

With all of these benefits, ShowMgr video management software streamlines your process workflow and avoids missing deadlines. We give you the tools to reduce budgets and schedule assets with no hassles.

August 24th, 2015 by ShowMgr

Streamline Media Billing and Budgeting

Automate the Film and TV Payment Process

Every successful business needs the right invoicing and billing software. Film and production studios need better customized tools that enhance their business functionality instead of general media billing software. With ShowMgr, film and media crews can improve workflows and speed up the process of invoicing and payments.

Streamline Billing and Invoicing

Most media asset management software lets you schedule resources and reserve locations. With ShowMgr, you can integrate media management with invoicing. Instead of using separate software for both asset management and invoice, you can manage all aspects of any project in one cloud solution. This benefit helps television and film crews monitor budgets and billing more efficiently.

Using Industry Templates

Each industry has its own templates and format for billing. You can’t just use any general template for invoicing in the software and film industry. For this reason, ShowMgr is the better solution software for TV production. Instead of molding general invoicing and templates to the industry, ShowMgr gives you the tools you need out-of-the-box and directly in the cloud.

Monitor Budget Real-Time

Lose sight of your budget, and you find that your project estimation is never met. The right media billing software lets you identify price points and monitor each invoice, payment, payroll, and other expenses. With ShowMgr, you not only set your budget more accurately, but you can also more efficiently monitor it. We offer detailed audit trails, so you can review current or previous projects for any changes or discrepancies. Our ERP TV budgeting software can help you identify any budgeting issues before they become out of hand and cost you millions in revenue.

Billing Automation

Every film crew has weekly or monthly expenses. Instead of gathering invoices and paying recipients manually, ShowMgr lets you automate the billing and payment process. For instance, payroll is standard across the board. You can automate the approval process and even create interim milestones to keep track of payments and work finished.

TV production software should be an asset to your bottom line and shouldn’t hinder the way film crews handle unique situations. Our industry experts have been in the film and media industry for over a decade, so they built ShowMgr’s TV production software with film crews in mind.

August 16th, 2015 by ShowMgr

The cloud is the latest in technology that isn’t just for the tech industry. Software for film production shouldn’t limit you to just one computer with various software. Instead, your software should give you the ability to schedule assets and crews, budget and bid on projects, and run reports from anywhere in the world. ShowMgr has the right ERP cloud software for film and video production crews that streamline workflows and improve budget estimates.

Workflows and Scheduling

Workflow is important for overall project scheduling, budgeting and management. We help you redefine and streamline your workflows, so you can be more efficient in each area of film production and management. We have templates for you to use, so you don’t need to create your own. Our founders have been in the business for over a decade, so we understand how to create workflows that are customized directly for TV and film. We’ve even created our own business rules engine to help you create workflows more intelligently and with the right data and analytics.

Real-Time Data

You no longer need to wait days (or weeks) for responses or analytics. You can run numerous reports and review information and data as it happens instead of when you take the time to collect it. You’ll also have instant access to financial information, so any changes to budget or costs can be quickly remedied to avoid any future damage. Your film and TV projects will be more simplified and streamlined, and real-time data helps give you tighter control of planning throughout the entire project.

Review Crews and Assets

In film and television, crews are typically global, and you need the ability to schedule and budget crews without being local. You also need to schedule assets such as warehouses and project locations while keeping track of their costs. With ShowMgr, you can review any location and schedule it weeks in advance. You won’t forget any schedules, because assets are listed in our real-time scheduling software for TV and film production crews.

What’s great about ShowMgr is that you aren’t limited to any one place. We even support mobile, so you can review crews and assets from a smartphone or tablet even while you’re traveling. Our software for film crews lets you review payroll and account information, scheduled appointments for you and your crew, and reports that help you analyze data for future investments.

It’s common for film and television industry leaders to have crews that span the globe. The disconnect can create scheduling and communication issues. With ShowMgr, you can connect film crews located in several different locations, so any schedules for different teams can be reviewed by film crew managers to avoid conflicts and scheduling issues.

If you’re still stuck with old desktop software, it’s time to give cloud software a try. The right software for film and television streamlines your process and saves you money.

August 16th, 2015 by ShowMgr

The entertainment industry needs software that’s as fluid and dynamic as the industry itself. ShowMgr is a cloud application ERP entertainment management software that helps any film and TV crew manage costs, schedule time, review budgets, help with cost estimates and bidding, and manage assets. All of these benefits are within one application, which helps you eliminate cumbersome, costly third-party software.

Real-Time Cloud Data

The cloud has several advantages, and one of them for film and television crews is the availability of real-time data. Instead of waiting weeks for a reply, an executed contract, a schedule, or asset reports, you can see all of this information in real-time and react accordingly. You no longer need to wait, and this advantage greatly improves your workflow and time estimates. You can reduce project time by weeks (even months) by avoiding the wait time needed for scheduling and paperwork.

You also have all the tools you need under one umbrella app. You don’t need one scheduling app, one budgeting app, one bidding app and an app for billing and payroll. Instead, ShowMgr provides you with all the necessary tools to carry out any project big or small.


Bidding is probably one of the most difficult tasks during a project. You need to make the right estimates to ensure that you don’t undervalue your budget. You also need to account for each possible cost without overbidding. You need the right analytics and data to correctly project your budget. ShowMgr entertainment management software helps you do just that – bid and budget accurately.

We offer specific templates and rate cards that help you determine the right budget. We have presentation tools that help you offer better displays for your customer, and we have pipeline reporting that’s up-to-date and real-time.

Billing and Invoices

Lose track of billing and invoices and you can increase your budget and costs. With ShowMgr, you can keep detailed audit trails and avoid costly billing and payroll mistakes. You can pay your crews instantly, and keep track of each payment through our collaborative payment and payroll interface. We also let you integrate with common payroll APIs such as Intuit Quickbooks or ADP.

We do more than help you just track your expenses. We have complex algorithms that help you accurately project expenses, so you know when your budget limit is reached and what you can do to help reduce costs. We automate much of the standard pen and paper hassles that would otherwise cost you more money. And again, this is all under one umbrella application, so you no longer need to spend hours with paperwork, billing and invoices.

If you’re still using paper, filing cabinets, or expensive software that is difficult to integrate, it’s time to upgrade and take advantage of the cloud. The cloud and ShowMgr ERP entertainment management software will help you reduce the time it takes to manage film and TV projects, and it will let you react instantly to billing concerns.

August 13th, 2015 by ShowMgr

Budgeting is a tremendous overhead for media companies that have several ongoing projects in multiple locations. Budgeting is more than just tracking costs. Film production companies are also responsible for scheduling the right budget for the right crews to ensure that costs are controlled. Without the right media budgeting software, costs and lost revenue can get out of control. ShowMgr can help with your media billing and budget management.

The Advantage of the Cloud

Desktop applications have slowly been outdated as more people move to the cloud for management software. Software for film production should be no different. Instead of traveling to the office to see the latest budget and cost, the film production manager can log in from home or a mobile device, review costs, and schedule any changes if needed.

The major advantage of cloud ERP software is that any changes can be instantly seen, and you can react just as quickly. Instead of mistaken decisions bleeding budgeting costs, you can instantly identify these issues and make corrections from anywhere in the world. If you delegate management, these delegates can also see changes without leaving their home or office.

Conditional Changes that Work with Technology

Budgets change often, and your software for video production must be resilient to those changes. Your software shouldn’t limit your ability to budget for the latest project or make changes to costs. You should even be able to make payments at the click of the mouse or a tap of your thumb. Reducing the time it takes to work with your budget cuts cost associated with extended or missed deadlines.

Your budgeting software should also be all-encompassing for each need in the film and media industry. This means that you should be able to manage budgeting, communication, scheduling, resources and bidding within the same cloud application. ShowMgr has all of these necessary features and more.

Budgeting and Bidding

Budgeting is more than just looking at costs and identifying project expenditures. You need to also work with bidding and tie those bids into your total budget. Bids are usually initial projected costs, so they are dynamic and fluid. You need an application that is just as fluid and ever-changing as the overall film and media industry.

ShowMgr has all of these tools and more for bidding. We help you analyze and identify the right bids and the right budgeting costs that save you money. We also have established rate cards, standard templates, presentation tools and pipeline reporting. All of these are necessary for your film and media company to get ahead of the game and provide you with the ability to reduce costs for other projects.

Software for media should limit your ability to manage projects. Technology should work as your film production software without making you adapt to it. With ShowMgr, we give you the tools you need and help you perform better than any desktop application on the market.

August 13th, 2015 by ShowMgr

Some people disregard scheduling as a secondary asset for management software, but the right media scheduling software can ensure that your assets and crew are properly managed. Film and production managers can schedule assets and facilities months in advance to ensure that projects run smoothly. With ShowMgr, managers can leverage our scheduling software as well as our other benefits for software for video production.

Schedule Months in Advance

When you aren’t working in the cloud, you can make phone calls and rely on outdated paper and pen for scheduling. You forget the schedule or maybe the vendor misses your deadline. With ShowMgr, you can utilize several advanced scheduling tools to ensure that you don’t miss deadlines or have an oversight in asset management.

ShowMgr is more than just scheduling software. We manage assets in the cloud, so your first advantage is with the availability of your schedule and film budgeting. You can also see patterns, so you can identify if there are common problems or scheduling changes that you should avoid in future projects. We provide you with the right analytics that help you avoid future mistakes. We show you conflict alerts, work logs, any time off changes, and shift management so that you can identify crew availability.

Tie In Media Scheduling Software with Media Budgeting Software

Scheduling is closely entwined with the right budget. ShowMgr has several options for media and film crews, so we help you manage it all under one umbrella. Software for media production must be more than a component for video management. It must be able to handle all aspects of TV management and television scheduling.

With ShowMgr, you can adapt to the changing events in business intelligence and film projects. You must be able to analyze what went wrong and how you can make changes to avoid future mistakes. We provide these tools to help improve avoidance of financial impact during future projects. We have built-in templates that help you respond and bill for any project without spending time building new tools and templates. We have hundreds of formulas that tie in with our media scheduling software to help you dissect each and every cost and scheduling change. We give you macros and workbook links that improve your efficiency and productivity.

Scheduling and Film Facility Management

Finally, the right TV budgeting software helps with film facility management. Huge warehouses and facilities must be accounted for, and ShowMgr helps you schedule these facilities at the click of a mouse or a tap of a button on a mobility app. We also have the right utilization and asset analytics to identify which location is the most cost effective and beneficial for your next project. Schedule these facilities months in advance to ensure that you have no location constraints that affect your project budget.

These are just a few of the advantages of ShowMgr ERP media scheduling software. Use our tools for payroll, crew management, and asset management.